Ayurveda Medical Council – Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Medical Council 


Main functions and Introduction of the Ayurvedic Medical Council established under the Ayurvedic Act No.31 of 1961 shall be as follows.


Indigenous Medical Board was established in 1928 on a recommendation made by a Sub Committee of the state Council of 1927, The first legally authorized establishment in the Sri Lankan Ayurvedic field. Subsequently the Ayurvedic Medical Council was established in terms of the Ceylon Ayurveda Medical Council Ordinance No.46 of 1935. Reestablished under the provision of the Indigenous Medical Council Ordinance No. 17 of 1941 (amended by No. 49 of 1945 and No. 49 of 1949) The Ayurveda Medical Council how is an organization established under the Ayurveda Act No.31 of 1961. According to the amendment No. 07 of 1977 and the Ayurveda (Amendment) Act No. 19 of 2023, the composition of the Ayurvedic Medical Council is as follows.



Ayurveda for quality healthcare


Securing the necessary legal basis for the quality development of the Ayurvedic field by providing maximum health services in accordance with professional ethics.


Confer the legal authority on professionals

who have the knowledge,

attitudes, skills and experience necessary to provide qualitative services

in the field of Ayurveda in accordance with provision of the

Ayurveda Act No.31 of 1961

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