Ayurveda Medical Council – Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Medical Council 

For 24 qualified traditional physicians of registration certificate of Ayurvedic Medical Council.

Registration of Ayurvedic Medical Council for 24 qualified traditional doctors, who are the next members of famous local medical generations who have made a great contribution to the national health service dedicated to healing the patients, under the leadership of the Minister of State for Indigenous Medicine, Mr. Sisira Jayakodi, Honorable Advocate Sisira Jayakodi on 08.11.2023, Maharagama, Navainna on Indigenous Medicine. It was done at the National Institute

There, the registration of the medical council was given to the qualified traditional healers in the treatment services of sarvanga, snake venom, fractures and cysts.
Ayurvedic Commissioner Dr. Dhammika Abeygunawardena, Registrar of Ayurvedic Medical Council Dr. Ajith Kumara, President of Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medicines Corporation Dr. Anura Athalamudali, Director of National Institute of Indigenous Medicine Mr. Ishasha Chaturanga, medical officers and others participated in this event.

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